Hurricane Harvey

August 28th, 2017

29°18N 95°57'28"W

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Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 hurricane on August 25th, 2017. It has been described as the worst storm to affect Texas in over 50 years and has killed nearly 40 people thus far. The storm has particularly affected the city of Houston, where over 30,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. Planet is making emergency access to our imagery available to assist in response and recovery efforts.

How to get access to our imagery:

We make our disaster imagery available by two means:

Planet Explorer, our online imagery browser. We provide limited access to Explorer for up to 30 days to qualified disaster volunteer organizations, humanitarian organizations, and other coordinating bodies. Explorer is continuously updated with our most recent imagery (please see map below for exact region available). To gain access to Planet's Explorer, please email disaster-access@planet.com. In your email, please provide your name, the name of your organization, and the purpose for which you wish to use the imagery.

Direct Download: We make a small but growing number of additional analytical imagery products available via direct download. Anyone may download these files, which are provided "as-is", below.

Data License:

Planet imagery (whether provided via Explorer or Direct Download) is made available under a Non-Commercial, Creative Commons license, meaning they may not be used for commercial purposes. Commercial entities are licensed under the CC-BY-SA license, which requires that any derivative products that use our data also be shared under the same license. Non-commercial entities (including humanitarian organizations, intergovernmental agencies, etc.) are granted access under the CC-NC-BY license, which does not require sharing of derivative products; if however such products are shared, there is a requirement that Planet be acknowledged as an underlying source of data.

Direct Download Links:

08/31/17 - Mosaic of West Houston - RGB/NIR (1.7 GB) - A 3.7-meter mosaic of West Houston, Texas, comprised of both RGB (visual) and NIR (near-infrared) images.

8/31/17 - Mosaic of East Houston - RGB (932 MB) - A 3.7-meter mosaic of East Houston, Texas, comprised of RGB (visual) bands.

08/31/17 - Houston Flood Control Reservoirs RGB (772 MB) – A 0.9-meter image of flood control reservoirs in Houston, Texas, comprised of RGB (visual) bands and JPEG image.

08/31/17 - Freeport and Port Arthur RGB (1.6 GB) - Two 0.9-meter images of Freeport, Texas, and Port Arthur, Texas, comprised of RGB (visual) bands.

False color composite showing the Buffalo Bayou river flooding the areas of Memorial and its surroundings on August 31st.

Map showing the area available for download via Planet Explorer (highlighted in gray)