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Planet Platform Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the new Planet Data API, accessible at endpoint: https://api.planet.com/data/v1/. Learn how to access and build on Planet data. Below are details about the Planet Data API and the imagery that it provides access to.

Platform and Data Details

What’s new in the Planet Data API?

  • Item Types: All Items in the Data API will be organized into item types, a new organizational model to group together imagery that shares characteristics.
  • Assets: All Items will have multiple downloadable files associated with them. These files can be GeoTIFFs, XML metadata files or other formats.
  • Search: The new Search API is an advanced structured search that allows you to filter imagery across multiple item types. You can now express complex conditions using nested boolean operations.
  • Public: One of the major changes in Data API is that metadata results are no longer constrained by what you can download.

What data is available?

  • PlanetScope scenes.
  • PlanetScope scenes that include near infrared data.
  • PlanetScope ortho tiles, arranged on a 25km UTM grid.
  • RapidEye ortho tiles, arranged on a 25km UTM grid.
  • RapidEye unorthorectified strips.
  • The complete, historical RapidEye archive.
  • Landsat8 scene products.
  • Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery.

Getting Started

Planet Data API access Planet Data API: https://api.planet.com/data/v1/ -> Use your existing Planet Platform username / pw OR API key to authenticate.

Overview of material you can find on this site

  • Imagery Quickstart: Where to start with our range of Imagery Products.
  • API Quickstart: Get started accessing and using Planet data within a matter a minutes.
  • Reference Guide: Learn about the mechanics and data in the Planet Data API.
  • Guides: Gain understanding about common workflows and uses of the Planet API.
  • Product Specifications: Dive into the details about Planet’s imagery products.
  • Developer Resources: Become inspired by what others have created on Planet’s data.
  • Events: Participate at one of our events.
  • Support: Find support, file tickets, dig into the knowledge base.
  • Glossary: Know the language.
  • Citations: How to cite the use of Planet's API and imagery.