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Planet Platform Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for Planet APIs and imagery.

Platform and Data Details

What data is available?

  • PlanetScope scenes.
  • PlanetScope scenes that include near infrared data.
  • PlanetScope ortho tiles, arranged on a 25km UTM grid.
  • RapidEye ortho tiles, arranged on a 25km UTM grid.
  • RapidEye unorthorectified strips.
  • The complete, historical RapidEye archive.
  • Landsat8 scene products.
  • Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery.

What's new at Planet?

Planet now offers Surface Reflectance basemaps.
Wide area basemaps comprised only of the PlanetScope surface reflectance data. This combines the power of a basemap (image selection, wide area compositing, gridding, and delivery) with the value of a surface reflectance product.

Integrations and Supported Tools.
Enhance your tools with Planet data. At Planet, integrations and data interoperability is important to us because it's important to our customers and users. Refer to this list of integrations with Planet's Partners to ensure you can power your applications and tools with Planet data.

“Clip and Ship” added to the Planet Data API.
The Planet Data API has been enhanced with the addition of “clip and ship” functionality, allowing users to clip and download an image to the specific geometry they need. Relevant user guide page is located here.

Monthly Basemaps Available.
Planet is excited to be able to deliver full monthly basemaps in our Timelapse basemap product suite. All of the data in a monthly timelapse basemap come from within that month, giving a recent, comprehensive, and authoritative picture of what’s on the ground at that time.

TerraBella Agreement Final.
The regulatory waiting period has ended and the Planet acquisition of TerraBella is complete. Planet will soon be bringing SkySat data into the core product offering. Stay tuned for further developments!

Basemaps XYZ Web Service Available.
Planet Basemaps are now available as a stand-alone XYZ Web Service, allowing you to plug-and-play Planet basemaps into a wide variety of 3rd party applications like ArcGISOnline and QGIS. The XYZ Tile service follows the OpenStreetMaps protocol for serving imagery tiles and is accessible via a simple URL.

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