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Work with Planet Basemap Services

Planet Basemap Services allow users to add quarterly, monthly, and custom Planet imagery mosaics to desktop applications and web mapping platforms. These services offer a low-friction way for web developers and GIS analysts to interact with Planet imagery. In this guide, we'll show you how to integrate Planet basemaps with several platforms and software packages that support XYZ and WMTS protocols. You'll need a Planet API key to get started.

Viewing basemaps in Planet Explorer

Planet Explorer allows you to toggle between 3 Month (quarterly) mosaics and 1 Month mosaics via the menu on the bottom right of the map. You can click the nodes along the time bar to travel in time.

Planet quarterly mosaics

When switching to monthly view, you may see small gaps in basemap coverage. This is expected and due to issues such as persistent cloud cover or gaps in satellite overpass (which are minimal).

Planet monthly mosaics

If you have any trouble with this guide, let us know at support@planet.com.