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API Reference

The Planet APIs allow for programmatic access to Planet imagery data, services, and operations. This technical documentation describes the core functionality of each API and workflows for accomplishing common tasks.

  • Data API: The Data API is a REST HTTP API interface to Planet’s imagery archive. The API supports the following tasks: quick-searching assets and viewing thumbnails of imagery; filtering imagery by location, date, satellite source, cloud cover, and many other attributes; and downloading imagery and metadata in several formats. The Data API endpoint is at https://api.planet.com/data/v1/.
  • Tile Services: Planet Tile Services provide PNG/JPEG tiles for use in web and desktop applications and follow XYZ protocol. The Data API Tile Service is publicly available using the following request structure: https://tiles.planet.com/data/v1/{item_type}/{item_id}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png.
  • Clips API: The Clips API is a REST HTTP API interface to Planet's "Clip and Ship" service. Users can clip imagery to an area of interest, poll the Clips API for the status of a clipping operation, and download a zipped file of imagery and metadata. The service can be accessed at https://api.planet.com/compute/ops/clips/v1/.
  • API Mechanics: All Planet APIs implement a shared set of basic API mechanics, such as authentication and error handling. Those mechanics are documented here.
  • Changelog: Changes and updats to Planet APIs and services.