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2017-08-01NEWAdd SkySatScene imagery to the Data API. SkySat Basic Scenes are available in multispectral, panchromatic, and pansharpened configurations with uncalibrated DN values.
2017-05-18NEWAdd XYZ tile services for items in the Data API. The Planet tile service allows developers to integrate previews of Planet imagery in mapping applications that support XYZ tiles.
2017-05-15NEWAdd clips endpoint, allowing users to clip images to a user-specified geometry. The clip endpoint is located at https://api.planet.com/compute/ops/clips/v1 and can be used to request clipped PSScene3Band, PSScene4Band, PSOrthoTile and REOrthoTile item types. In addition to the imagery file, the item's XML and UDM will be provided in modified forms reflecting the clip geometry.
2017-04-19NEWAdd ground_control field to PSScene3Band, PSScene4Band, PSOrthoTile and REOrthoTile item types. The new ground_control field is similar to quality_cateogry: it signals whether the item meets our stated specifications, in this case our stated positional accuracy. If it is up-to-spec, ground_control will be set to true because our automated pipeline has been able to use enough ground-control points; otherwise, it will be set to false because not enough ground-control points could be acquired. The addition of this field allows Planet to publish imagery in areas where ground-locking imagery is difficult (such as open waters and dense forests). Note that for RapidEye imagery, this field will always be set to true.
2017-04-19NEWAllow a width parameter for item thumbnails. Users can now add a width parameter to thumbnail requests in order to specify the size of the PNG file response from the API. The maximum size depends on whether a user has download access to the visual asset or not.
2017-04-06NEWAdd thumbnail to _links in item metadata. The link to reach the thumbnail for items is now publicly advertised alongside other links.
2017-04-06NEWAdd visual asset to the Sentinel2L1C item type. All Sentinel-2 items now have a visual asset that matches what is available for most other item types.
2017-04-02NEWAdd Data API client for JavaScript: https://github.com/planetlabs/planet-client-js. The JavaScript client will enable web application developers to write code that interacts with the Data API.
2017-04-01NEWAdd Data API client for Python: https://github.com/planetlabs/planet-client-python. This is a major update to our original Python client, replacing API v0 functionality with Data API functionality.
2017-03-31NEWAdd quality_category field to PSScene3Band and PSScene4Band item types. The addition of quality_category allows users to differentiate between images in Planet's catalog that meet our imagery specifications (standard imagery) and those that Planet has captured but do not meet our specifications (test imagery). Users may use a filter to restrict API responses to one or ther other category, but by default, all images will be returned when looking through the catalog.
2017-03-27CHANGEIncrease download rate limit to 15 per second. Planet is continuing to make bulk downloading easier and the new download rate of 15 requests per second should ensure that large volumes of data can be ingested quickly.
2017-02-09CHANGERemove assets from the /assets endpoint when the user does not have download permissions. In order to make API responses smaller and less confusing, Planet has taken the step to remove all assets that a user will not have download access to from an item's /assets endpoint. Metadata for all items is still available to all users.
2017-01-31NEWAdd new Landsat8L1G item type. Planet is now publishing Landsat 8 standard terrain-corrected scenes in path/row framing through our API. Benefits from accessing through the Planet API include a consistent API, the metadata index, a visual asset and thumbnails.
2017-01-31NEWAdd new Sentinel2L1C item type. Planet is now publishing Copernicus Sentinel-2 Level 1C top-of-atmosphere reflectance 100 x 100 km tiles through our API. Benefits from accessing through the Planet API include a consistent API, the metadata index and thumbnails.
2017-01-24CHANGEIncrease activation and download rate limits to 5 per second. In order to further improve download experiences for advanced users, Planet is increasing both the activation and download rate limits to 5 per second.
2017-01-23NEWAdd acquisition time in UTC as TIFFTAG_DATETIME tag in PlanetScope Scene GeoTIFF assets. The standard TIFF metadata tag TIFFTAG_DATETIME is now being populated in Planet GeoTIFFs with the acquisition time of the image (this is not the publication time of the item or the asset generation time of the asset).
2017-01-12NEWAdd md5_digest field to assets. Planet has added a md5_digest field to all asset endpoints so that users can track whether a newer version of an item has been published on Planet's servers by comparing a local file's MD5 hash with the API response. This can also be used to detect corrupt downloads.
2017-01-11NEWAdd strip_id field to PlanetScope items. The strip_id field can be used to associate items that were collected by a single satellite during a single pass. It can now be found in metadata responses and used in search filters.
2017-01-09FIXPopulate anomalous_pixels field for items. The anomalous_pixels field in PlanetScope and RapidEye items indicates the percentage of pixels that may be problematic; it was, however, not always being set correctly by our item indexing process. This is now fixed.
2016-12-23FIXReturn correct results for permissions filters. Planet noted some cases where searches using permission filters were not returning the correct results. This fix will ensure that users can search the Planet catalog for data that can be downloaded.
2016-12-22NEWAdd /thumb endpoint to items. Each item now allows direct access to a downsampled preview of the image by appending /thumb to the item's URL.
2016-11-22CHANGEDisassociate activation and download throttling. There used to be a single rate limit for activating and downloading assets, but Planet has split this into two separate rates that can be controlled separately. This should give API users greater control over how they access data and apply backoff strategies to prevent 429 error codes.
2016-11-22CHANGEIncrease download rate limit to 2 per second. Planet has received feedback that the download rate was not sufficient to access large number of items. The rate has been increased so that two downloads can be initiated every second.
2016-11-21FIXRemove incorrectly-advertised analytic asset from some items. Not all PSScene3Band and PSScene4Band items have analytic assets, but these were nevertheless being incorrectly shown in API responses. This fix will ensure that only available assets will be listed.