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Clips API

The Clips API supports an operation that crops a raster file to a geometry specified by a vector polygon. The polygon and the raster must intersect in order to produce any output, but the polygon does not need to be contained within the raster. Users experience the clip operation as a "Clip and Ship" service that allows for the following workflow: input a user-provided geometry and parameters for target Planet imagery; clip the imagery to include only pixels within the area of interest; and output, in a user-specified way, a zip file contained clipped imagery and metadata. The Clips API endpoint is at https://api.planet.com/compute/ops/clips/v1/.

  • Common Workflows: Examples and instructions on how to send a request to the Clips API, check the status of the clip operation, and download clipped imagery and associated files.
  • API Mechanics: Overview of the shared set of mechanics across all Planet APIs, such as authentication, error handling, and rate limits.
  • Changelog: Changes and updates to Planet APIs and services.