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Data API

The Data API allows users to search through Planet’s imagery archive and access image data and download images in one or more formats, according to a user's plan. The endpoint is here: https://api.planet.com/data/v1/. Below is a reference guide for the Data API.

  • API Mechanics: Overview of core functionality in the Data API, such as pagination and authentication.
  • Item Type: An item type is used to model imagery data sharing schemas and capabilities. An item represents a single logical image.
  • Asset: An asset represents a data file available for download.
  • Search: The Search endpoint enables advanced search capabilities, allowing for the creation and management of structured search objects across items.
  • Common Workflows: Examples and instructions on using the Data API to accomplish common tasks such as filtering, activating, and downloading items or assets.
  • Changelog: Changes to the Planet Data API.