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Data API

The Data API at https://api.planet.com/data/v1/ is a REST HTTP API interface to Planet’s imagery archive. The API supports the following tasks: quick-searching assets and viewing thumbnails of imagery; filtering imagery by location, date, satellite source, cloud cover, and many other attributes; and downloading imagery and metadata in several formats. This reference guide describes the objects and methods that can be accessed through the Data API. It also outlines common workflows for tasks that can be accomplished using the API.

  • Item Type: An item type is used to model imagery data sharing schemas and capabilities. An item represents a single logical image.
  • Asset: An asset represents a data file available for download.
  • Preview: Thumbnails provide previews of the data without needing a full download.
  • Search: The Search endpoint enables advanced search capabilities, allowing for the creation and management of structured search objects across items.
  • Common Workflows: Examples and instructions on using the Data API to accomplish common tasks such as filtering, activating, and downloading items or assets.
  • API Mechanics: Overview of the shared set of mechanics, such as authentication, error handling, and rate limits, across all Planet APIs.
  • Changelog: Changes and updates to Planet APIs and services.