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v0 API

The Planet v0 APIs were the first version of HTTP-based APIs that enabled customers to consume earlier formats of Planet imagery data. The Planet Data API is the new API that serves Planet’s full imagery product portfolio, which includes radiance products, near-infrared (NIR) bands, Ortho Tile and Ortho Scene framing, and supporting data files and assets. Below is a reference guide for the v0 API.

  • API Concepts: core functionality in the v0 API
  • Scenes: explore and download individual imagery and data from multiple providers
  • Mosaics: composites of multiple Planet scenes into a single layer
  • Orders: selecting Planet imagery for creating, listing, and downloading orders
  • Areas of Interest: uploading and saving an Area of Interest (AOI) with the v0 API
  • Workspaces: saved configuration of filters
  • Web Tiles: tile service for web mapping