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Accurate and reliable forest monitoring.

Planet’s satellite constellations have been an asset for the REDD+ initiative. The combination of broad-area coverage, frequent revisit, and high resolution makes Planet Monitoring for REDD+ the most reliable solution for Measuring and Reporting in the frame of MRV.

Get a Closer Look at Your Country’s Forest Dynamics

Time series showing deforestation and forest degradation in Vietnam over a period of eight years.

One of Earth’s largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is deforestation and forest degradation. Planet Monitoring for REDD+ MRV provides an Earth observation-based monitoring program to help you assess and quantify change in forests from regional to national level.

REDD+ countries must produce a detailed assessment of forest change by monitoring land use, forest dynamics and land management practices on a regular basis. Planet’s high resolution imagery provides detail to identify different types of forest and features including narrow operational roads, small clear cuts or selective thinning.

  • Identify forest disturbance at a level of detail not possible with Landsat or Sentinel-2 imagery
  • Detect drivers of deforestation and forest degradation
  • Improve your measuring and reporting activities with a reliable, cost-effective imaging solution that guarantees country coverage

Enhanced Monitoring

Before and after image pair (2009 vs 2014) over Paraguay showing how deforestation has advanced in that region in five years.

Many REDD+ countries are located in the humid tropics. These cloudy and hazy regions pose a challenge to acquire usable imagery on a reliable and consistent basis. Planet’s constellations will ensure a dependable source of imagery whether you need a single annual coverage or continual monitoring in near-real time.

  • Establish a solid forest reference level for REDD+ using archive imagery dating back from 2009
  • Benefit from daily revisits over very cloudy areas to get complete coverage
  • Identify and monitor change consistently over time in the short and long term

Advance your MRV Strategy

Overview of a fragmented landscape with different land cover types in the Ucayali region (Peru).

Planet’s collaborative, cloud-based online platform lets you access and process huge amounts of imagery in near real-time. Leverage stakeholders’ firsthand forest dynamics knowledge and experience by seamlessly incorporating applications and protocols into Planet’s platform and API and then sharing them with all participants.

  • Utilize a cloud-based platform that makes for easy access, efficient dissemination and fast processing
  • Enable the informed and active involvement of all stakeholders
  • Utilize a platform that continues to grow and evolve based on user-driven capabilities

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