RapidEye Visual Ortho Tiles

The RapidEye Visual Ortho Tile product is orthorectified and color-corrected (using a color curve). This correction attempts to optimize colors as seen by the human eye providing images as they would look if viewed from the perspective of the satellite. It has been processed to remove distortions caused by terrain and can be used for cartographic mapping and visualization purposes. It eliminates the perspective effect on the ground (not on buildings), restoring the geometry of a vertical shot. Additionally, a correction is made to the sun angle in each image to account for differences in latitude and time of acquisition.

The Visual product is optimal for simple and direct use of the image. It is designed and made visually appealing for a wide variety of applications that require imagery with an accurate geolocation and cartographic projection. The product can be used and ingested directly into a Geographic Information System.

Product AttributeDescription
Information Content
Visual Bands3-band natural color (red, green, blue)
Ground Sample Distance3.7 m (at reference altitude 475 km)
Pixel Size (orthorectified)5 m
Bit Depth8-bit
Geometric CorrectionsSensor-related effects are corrected using sensor telemetry and a sensor model, ban are co-registered, and spacecraft-related effects are corrected using attitude telemetry and best available ephemeris data. Orthorectified using GCPs and fine DEMs (30 m to 90 m posting) to <10 m RMSE positional accuracy.
Positional AccuracyLess than 10 m RMSE
Radiometric Corrections
  • Correction of relative differences of the radiometric response between detectors
  • Non-responsive detector filling which fills nulls values from detectors that are no longer responding
  • Conversion to absolute radiometric values based on calibration coefficients
Color EnhancementsEnhanced for visual use and corrected for sun angle