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Agroservicios Pampeanos: Advancing Agro-Retail with Satellite Insights


For over two decades, Agroservicios Pampeanos (ASP) has been supplying seeds, fertilizers and crop protection solutions to growers and agronomists in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. To advance their solutions and enable farmers to take optimize inputs and costs, ASP has continuously developed their crop consulting services since entering the market in 1995.

In the past two years, ASP has taken the lead by becoming the first agro-retailer in South America to offer crop management insights powered by satellite imagery. Carlos Faricelli, ASP Business Manager for Argentina describes the importance of improving practices in a transparent way for growers. “Our consultants need the ability to give customers a clear understanding of what is happening in each field at each stage of crop growth,” says Faricelli. “When you can show customers the imagery to back up what you’re saying, it’s very powerful.”

South american crops

South American pasture and farmland imaged by a satellite in Low Earth Orbit

With many customers managing farming operations over vast areas, ASP looked for a solution to provide frequent ag insights over the entire Pampas region it serves, and explored satellite imagery to fuel its precision ag software, Echelon. “We saw that Planet Monitoring would enable our agronomists to make recommendations based on the most thorough and objective information available,” says Faricelli. ASP was confident that Planet’s up-to-daily imagery revisit and rapid data delivery would enable its consultants to head to clients’ fields with useful information in hand.

Planet’s satellite imagery indicates in-field variations on the ground

“The Planet platform easily integrates into Echelon, the platform from our sister company CPS that we use to produce maps and prescriptions,” says Faricelli. “Our consultants can quickly pull up the information they need.” Importantly, ASP knew they wanted to build a tool that customers responded to, and equip consultants to translate field insights into results. “Our customers can easily see and understand the results, and we find them wanting to engage further with the data,” explains Faricelli. And the response has been overwhelming. In just two years, half of ASP customers have signed up for the service, with over 5000 active users.

And the result is a mutual success for ASP consultants and sustainable farming operations. “By detecting issues such as crop disease or poor soil conditions early, we can help growers produce more per hectare,” explains Faricelli. “Planet imagery has added a whole new
dimension to our consulting across a range of activities including monitoring plant vitality, detecting early signs of crop stress, and mapping damage.”

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