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Machine Mapping: Automated Road Detection Webinar with CrowdAI


Earth is covered in infrastructure. Buildings, railways, transmission lines, ports, and roads serve as the signifiers of global development. These constructions, and their continuous change, tell the story of human activity.

To understand how our world is changing, roads are a good place to start. Today, frequent imaging and object detection through machine learning can create the most current and complete picture of global road infrastructure.

Planet Minotaur

CrowdAI’s automated object detection software detects and maps roads in Brazil using Planet satellite imagery

Roadways indicate new construction, changing cities, developing commerce and deforestation around the world. Accurately identifying roads in recent Earth imagery can help government, emergency response, and commercial mapping understand change at scale.

In our webinar, Automated Road Detection: Data, Methods and Insights with CrowdAI, we’ll explore how daily Planet data and CrowdAI automation reveal up-to-date road infrastructure in frequent imagery and the applications of this technology in global use cases. Additionally, we’ll explore how companies like CrowdAI leverage Planet’s Application Developer Program to build scalable tools with daily imagery.



WEBINAR: Automated Road Detection with CrowdAI

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