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Introducing Our App Developer Program


Planet has the largest earth observation collection capacity in the market, collecting an average of 50 million sq km of imagery daily. Soon Planet’s satellite constellations will be able to acquire multispectral imagery of the Earth’s landmass. We’re collecting more and more data every day, but we can’t analyze it alone.

With the proliferation of earth observation data and advances in cloud computing, software companies are seizing opportunities to leverage this novel data and create breakthrough applications and build their businesses. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Planet’s Application Developer Program. Through this program, developers and technology organizations can tap into Planet’s one of a kind, global dataset though our evolving platform.

One of the most exciting companies doing this today, Descartes Labs, will join Planet to host two live webinars on December 8, 2016, 10am EST and 10am PST, titled “Turning Geospatial Data into Intelligence”. Learn how the Descartes team of former scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory harnesses vast amounts of geospatial data, using modern cloud platforms and APIs at surprisingly low cost, to build a rapidly growing business.

Descartes Labs 2016 corn yield forecast for the United States. Image: Descartes Labs.

Get an in-depth look at how Descartes Labs has developed their super-accurate crop forecasts on top of Planet’s dataset. Register now for the December 8 webinar at two time slots:

Register for the webinar at 10 am EST
Register for the webinar at 10 am PST

We look forward to hosting you!

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