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Irma and Harvey Satellite Data Available for Access


Two hurricanes—Harvey and Irma—have made landfall in the southern United States in succession. In response, we’re working hard to make our satellite data available to everyone that needs it.


Flooding in western Houston, captured on August 31, 2017
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Right now customers, volunteers, humanitarian organizations, and other coordinating bodies, can access and download Irma and Harvey data for up to 30 days over on our natural disaster data webpage. We’ve opened up data in these areas of interest:


Aid organizations, coordinating bodies and others get access to data in large areas of interest (AOIs) for Harvey (left) and Irma (right)
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Ocean profiles change and vegetation is lost after Irma hits the Florida Keys
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Currently Partners like GeoSpark analytics are making imagery from both storms available to analysts through the BlueGlass platform; and members of Planet’s Rapid Response Network are working with Direct Relief to perform post-disaster damage assessment on health facilities in areas affected by Hurricane Irma.

To join the effort and gain access to data from both storms, visit

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