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A Recap: Planet Goes to the Esri User Conference


Sixteen thousand geographers, imagery geeks, and data providers and users flooded San Diego, CA last week for Esri’s annual user conference (EsriUC). Planet joined one of the industry’s largest events for an eventful week with the GIS community.

For Planet, EsriUC kicked off with a pre-conference event called the Imagery and Mapping Forum. Alongside other presenters, Planet was invited to speak about our company, our imagery products, and integration with Esri. We covered this in our session titled ‘Global Sensing Revolution’, which was part of the ‘Mapping from Space’ track.

On Wednesday, Planet hosted a social event at the Tin Fish restaurant, located directly in front of the conference venue. Our Backyard Bash – as we named it – was a great success; hundreds attended, and the conversations between attendees and the Planet team were fun, engaging, and informative. 




Based on feedback from the week-long event, the value for high cadence imagery is strong and growing. Our radical new approach to acquire and share fresh, frequent imagery of any given point on Earth was well received by users from all domains, including Precision Ag, defense, public safety, forestry services, state and local government, and more.

Planet is a relatively new player in the GIS and remote sensing ‘space’ (no pun intended), and I’m pleased that our whole team received a warm welcome from the various user communities at the conference. The industry experts we met at Esri understand the value of Planet’s constant monitoring capabilities and are learning that our unique always-on approach can be used in myriad ways.


S’mores for dessert at Planet’s Backyard Bash.


Additionally, we learned a lot about the priorities, needs, and challenges facing the remote sensing and GIS communities. We met with a range of users to explore use cases for global, daily Earth imagery, and spoke with a variety of software partners who are exploring analytic offerings useful in various commercial and humanitarian GIS applications.

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