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PlanetScope, Sentinel-2, and Sentinel-1 Data Integration for Object-Based Land Cover Classification of Tropical Forests in Google Earth Engine


Above image: Planet image of study site in central Brazil taken March 26, 2022. © 2022, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Through last year’s partnership between Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) and Google, Planetscope Basemaps of global tropical forests are now accessible to Google Earth Engine users. With this […]

Tracking Deforestation


This interview originally appeared in the July 28th edition of Planet Snapshots.  Interview with Matt Finer For nearly the past decade, Matt Finer has been playing the world’s largest and highest-tech game of whac-a-mole — but with far greater stakes. He’s a Senior Research Specialist at Amazon Conservation and is the director of MAAP (Monitoring of the Amazon […]

PlanetScope Leveraged to Evaluate the Impact of Cyclones on Maritime Archeological Sites: An Evaluation of Using Big Data in Archaeology


Image above: Flood waters at Wadi al Hawasinah in Oman taken October 5, 2021. © 2021, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Historically, immense amounts of geospatial data have been used in the field of archaeological research to rapidly and remotely explore inaccessible archaeological sites. This Big Data helped generate robust archaeological […]

Shallow coastal water turbidity monitoring using Planet Dove satellites


Image above: PlanetScope image of research study site of Hilo Bay, Hawai’i taken February 17, 2019. © 2019, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. The turbidity of water can be characterized by its relative cloudiness or haziness caused by light scattering through the water column. Often generated by loads of small particles […]

Planet Fusion assimilated in early season prediction model of crop yield variability, supporting food security and agricultural management


With more precise agricultural data, farmers and agronomists can project seasonal yield information with greater accuracy and within more rapid timeframes. These insights can help farmers make informed decisions on how to manage their crops throughout the growing season, and this data also helps policy makers and governments drive food security efforts. […]

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