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Satellite Imaging and Daily Earth Insights to Take  Action

As the leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth, Planet helps organizations harness change for action with a multidimensional view of our changing planet.

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Product Launch

Planet Insights Platform

We’re proud to unveil our all-in-one platform for multidimensional Earth insights

On The Road Bogotá August  13

A one-day event that brings together thought leaders, customers and partners

Broad Area Management

Harness the power of Earth insights to look broader with daily monitoring

Planet featured in HBO  film

New HBO Original Documentary ‘Wild Wild Space’ Features Planet’s Origin Story

Harness the power of multidimensional Earth insights to look broader with daily monitoring, closer with high resolution tasking, and deeper with derived  data.

Look broader.

Hood Canal, WA • 3m PlanetScope

Look closer.

Port of Seattle, WA • 50cm SkySat

Look deeper.

Eastern Washington • Soil Water Content

Broad Area Management over the state of Washington, USA, using Planet monthly Basemap
Areas indicated are not to scale and are for illustrative purposes only. Elevation data: SRTM data accessed via USGS.

Don't just capture change.

Act on it.

Planet revolutionized the Earth observation industry with the highest frequency satellite imagery data commercially available, transforming the way governments and companies deliver insights at the daily pace of change.

Our high-resolution daily Earth data, archive, and analytics give customers an unprecedented view, allowing them to cast further and wider in time, space, and frequency. So they can make decisions and take confident action, fast.

Hear from our customers

Organizations across industries and geographies work with Planet to gain a global, dynamic perspective about their most pressing operational challenges.

See. Decide. Act.

When the scope of your challenges are global and change is frequent, the potential for blindspots increases.

Planet combines powerful capabilities into a single platform, providing our clients with multidimensional insights to make decisions reliably and with confidence.


Expand your vantage point by monitoring geographically dispersed locations, from cities to continents.


Go back in time to understand unforeseen events or establish baselines of activity.


Inspect events and activities in greater detail, characterizing change or attributes.


Measure changing phenomena over time, even when it is indiscernible to the naked eye.

See. Decide. Act.

Planet Insights Platform is the central place where daily Earth data, analytics, and powerful tools are combined to create insights.

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