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Using Space to Help Life on  Earth

Planet is driven by a mission to image all of Earth’s landmass every day, and make global change visible, accessible and  actionable.

Why Planet

Capture Your Window of  Opportunity

Planet was founded with the mission to image the Earth every day and make change visible, accessible, and actionable. Over the past decade with our customers, Planet has revolutionized the Earth observation industry, democratizing access to satellite data beyond the traditional agriculture and defense sectors.

To that end, Planet provides the leading web-geo platform with the highest frequency satellite data available and foundational analytics to derive insights, empowering users across the world to make impactful, timely decisions.

Businesses, governments, and research institutions leverage Planet’s data and platform to scale their operations, increase efficiency and mitigate risk, and develop novel solutions to address their most pressing challenges. This helps them stay ahead in ever-changing global contexts and ultimately capture unforeseen windows of opportunity.

How We’re Different

Planet’s platform processes and distributes a global, near-daily stream of satellite data into the workflows of our customers and partners, enabling them to quickly build applications that evolve and respond to our rapidly changing world.

What drives value for our customers and partners

High-Frequency, Global Coverage

Monitor your world with the most up-to-date, global satellite data, captured daily.

Analysis-Ready Data

Focus your investments on solving core problems with clean, consistent, and harmonized data.

Seamless Access & Integration

Build applications and scale insights across your organization with modern APIs & cloud architectures.

Trusted Partner

Realize value quickly with Planet’s suite of professional services, exceptional customer support, and a global community of users.

Our Constellations

Achieve Your Next  Breakthrough

From first-of-kind satellites, to our uniquely agile approach to development, and a vast community of users, Planet pushes the boundaries so that you can achieve your next breakthrough.

The world’s leading innovators work with Planet

Planet has built and successfully deployed 450 satellites. We currently operate 200+ in orbit collecting over 350M sq km of imagery daily.

Learn more about our constellations of Earth imaging satellites.

Visit Our Constellations

Meet Our Team

Change the World with  Us

We’re a team of rocket scientists, software engineers, creatives, business strategists, and researchers. We get excited by hard problems, love breaking world records, and strive to make the world a better place every day.


Will Marshall

Co-founder and CEO

San Francisco

Robbie Schingler

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

San Francisco

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

President and Chief Financial Officer

San Francisco

Kevin Weil

President, Product and Business

San Francisco

Donna Prlich

Chief Marketing Officer

San Francisco

Charlie Candy

Chief Revenue Officer

United Kingdom

Amy Keating

Chief Legal Officer

San Francisco

Tramayne (Trey) Whitney

Chief People Officer

Washington D.C.

James Mason

SVP, Space Systems

San Francisco

Massimiliano Vitale

SVP, Berlin Operations


Andrew Zolli

Chief Impact Officer

San Francisco

Robert Cardillo

Chief Strategist and Chairman of the Board, Planet Federal

Washington D.C.

Mike Merit

Chief Customer Officer

San Francisco

Jon Powers

Vice President, Planet Federal

Washington D.C.

Troy Toman

SVP, Product and Software Engineering

San Francisco

Agnieszka Lukaszczyk

Vice President Government Affairs EMEA


Board of Directors

Will Marshall

Co-founder and CEO

Robbie Schingler

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Carl Bass

Lead independent

Heidi Roizen

Investor, Threshold Ventures

Ita Brennan

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of Arista Networks

Vijaya Gadde


Niccolo de Masi

Director, dMY Technology Group IV, Inc.

Kristen Robinson

Director, Verint Systems Inc.

We’re Hiring!

Find your place at Planet — browse job postings on our Careers page.

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Our Ethical Principles

We are committed to seeking the greatest good in everything we do. This guides every aspect of our work – from setting high ethical business standards to driving our conduct as citizens of the planet.

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