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Norway's International Climate and Forests Initiative Satellite Data  Program

Through Norway’s International Climate & Forests Initiative (NICFI), users can now access Planet’s high-resolution, analysis-ready mosaics of the world’s tropics in order to help reduce and reverse the loss of tropical forests, combat climate change, conserve biodiversity, and facilitate sustainable development for non commercial uses.

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Introduction to NICFI

Powering Projects to Reduce and Reverse Tropical Forest  Loss


Countries included in the program


Registered users

23 million+

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In support of NICFI's mission, you can use this data for a number of projects including, but not limited to:

Reducing and reversing the loss of tropical forests

Contributing to combating climate change

Conserving biodiversity and advancing forest regrowth

Developing policies for the sustainable development of tropical lands

Protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities

Read the Usage Terms here.

A visual look at NICFI Tropical Basemaps over the course of 2021 showing change over the entire region covered by this program


Learn more from the NICFI Satellite Data Program  community


Access High Resolution Satellite Data to Tackle Tropical Forest  Loss

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Forest Cover Monitoring in  Colombia

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How to save rainforests with satellites? Highlights of the NICFI Satellite Data  Program

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View and use the tropical mosaics in the Planet Explorer and Basemap Viewer platform.
Download the tropical mosaics for use in support of the NICFI Purpose via Planet Basemap Viewer, Planet QGIS Plugin, Planet ArcGIS Pro Add-In and/or API.
Integrate mosaics of tropical regions through plugin services, including leading applications like ArcGIS and QGIS, for advanced analyses.

Find more details with our support resources.

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Access NICFI Data in GEE

NICFI Data Now Available in Google Earth  Engine

Access NICFI Tropical Basemaps through the Google Earth Engine Integration

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General Questions

Download the FAQ in Several  Languages

Start with the NICFI Satellite Data Program Frequently Asked Questions

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A Coalition to Combat Tropical Forest  Loss

Society Climate and Economy in perfect balance

Norway’s International Climate and Forests Initiative (NICFI) is an international development fund through which Norway has pledged 3 Billion NOK a year to help save the world’s tropical forests while improving the livelihoods of those who live off, in, and near the forests. Planet is proud to partner with NICFI in making high resolution satellite imagery of the tropics available free of charge to users advancing the NICFI Purpose of reducing and reversing tropical forest loss, combating climate change, conserving biodiversity, and facilitating sustainable development.

Society Climate and Economy in perfect balance

Kongsberg Satellite Services is a world leading supplier of satellite ground station services as well as a value added service provider of sensor agnostic Multi-Mission satellite data and services from the majority of commercial Optical and SAR satellites.

Society Climate and Economy in perfect balance

Airbus Defence and Space has accumulated over 30 years of in-orbit operation, launching its first Earth observation satellite in 1986. Planet is proud to partner with Airbus in providing NICFI’s strategic partners with high-resolution archive imagery over the tropics.

Start Working With High-Resolution  Data

Begin leveraging satellite imagery through the NICFI Satellite data program to improve and scale high-resolution monitoring of the world’s tropical forests.

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