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Look Good While Supporting the Climate Relief Fund


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Left: Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan taken November 14, 2014; Right: Portage la Prairie, Manitoba Canada taken October 18, 2014

You’ve seen it in the gallery; now put it on your body. Our friends over at Betabrand, San Francisco’s own crowdsourced fashion retailer, designed a capsule collection using our satellite imagery.


Take a look at the collection, and as you do, remember that these prints were captured by a tiny satellite hurtling at 7.8km per second, 240 km above the Earth.


CubeSats are this season’s hottest accessory. Avanti, Operations Extraordinaire, models the Lake-Print Perfect Dress. Image courtesy of Betabrand.


Rob, Spaceship Captain, excels in both Power Systems and fashion modeling. He’s sporting the Ice-Print Jacket. Image courtesy of Betabrand.


Deanna, Spaceship Captain, likes to stay warm while commissioning satellites. Her garment of choice; the Lake-Print Scarf. Image courtesy of Betabrand.

Betabrand uses a crowdsourcing model, manufacturing garments once there’s been proven demand. Be an early backer of this collection while you can to get easy discounts!

While sporting the latest in satellite fashion, you get the added bonus of aiding communities in need. We’ll donate 100% of our proceeds from the collection to the Climate Relief Fund, a nonprofit that supports local disaster relief organizations while helping the public understand the immediacy and urgency of climate change.

The crowdfunding period closes on May 15, so get shopping! See the whole collection.