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Planet Orbit is our trusted partner ecosystem where we connect our customers with the right experts. From energy and forestry, agriculture and government, our partners can deliver unique solutions spanning over a dozen  verticals

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Why Partner With  Planet

Planet’s mission is to image the entire Earth every day and make global change visible, accessible, and actionable. Partner with Planet to expand your technology offerings, increase market penetration, and help your clients to derive value out of timely, global satellite imagery.

Unique Data, Unique  Solutions

Leverage the unparalleled value of high-frequency imagery to create innovative products and solutions. Our near-daily imagery gives you fresh insights about more places on the planet than anyone else, and our rich API allows you to integrate that data into your solutions.

Differentiate Your Business

Planet Orbit is designed to showcase your technical competencies in key verticals and your success with specialized solutions. Our certification program enables you to differentiate your offerings, build strong relationships with customers, and grow your business.

Learn, Manage, Grow: The Orbit  Portal

The Planet Orbit portal was built with partners in mind, with comprehensive training on Planet offerings, and dashboards and reporting to help you manage your Planet business. As you advance through the partner program, you will gain access to an exclusive community of technologists and scientists, opportunities for strategic collaboration and joint marketing initiatives.

At Kayrros, we have brought together the biggest group of satellite imagery specialists in Europe and have been able to provide clients with an unprecedented level of insight and accuracy, unthinkable even a few years ago. This partnership with Planet and their Stereo SkySat imagery allows us to build on that, particularly in the exciting area of 3D  mapping

Antoine Rostand

Founder and CEO of Kayrros

Geoplex is one of Planet’s earliest international partners, joining in their mission to make global change visible, accessible and actionable. Planet and Geoplex’s combined offering delivers timely, high-resolution satellite imagery to Australian Federal and State governments. Together, Planet and Geoplex support a wide variety of government tasks including land and water compliance monitoring and fire impact analysis, empowering teams to make more informed  decisions

Adam Smith

CEO, Geoplex


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