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Meet FARM Limited, Our First Customer in Africa


It’s a big day for me. I’m excited and proud to introduce FARM Limited, my first deal as a new member of the Planet Labs sales team—and Planet’s first Africa-based customer.

FARM aims to boost sustainability and profitability in agriculture by identifying the inherent risks along the agricultural value chain; and managing them with new technologies, including remote sensing. They’re making these new solutions accessible to investors and farmers throughout Africa.

delmas-south-africa-web (1)
Central pivot farming envelops a mine near Delmas, South Africa. Image captured on July 13, 2015

“Agriculture is an industry impacted by many unknown variables such as climate change and commodity price fluctuation. Success in agriculture is more often than not determined by one’s ability to manage these variables on a per hectare, per farm level” says Chantal Yazbek, Advisor of Product Innovation at FARM. “We believe that Planet Labs’ game-changing approach to remote sensing and high-value satellite imagery will empower the agricultural industry in Africa by providing it with tangible and timely insight on a ground level. FARM is proud to be pioneering these technological solutions with Planet Labs in Africa.”

I’m personally excited to work with FARM Limited, as they will help us pilot new data applications in Africa’s unique and complex agricultural markets. With the addition of FARM Limited, Planet now has customers and distribution channels on every continent except Antarctica—collecting images across the globe.

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