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All 28 Flock 1 Satellites Deployed from the ISS


Today the final pair of our satellites was deployed from the International Space Station (ISS). All 28 that we launched in January have been ejected from the ISS over the course of this month, helping them to begin spreading out along the ISS’s orbit. One of the exciting benefits of launching off of the ISS is that we get pictures of our own satellites in space! Thanks to the astronauts for documenting this moment in our history, especially Koichi Wakata.

Planet Labs Satellites being deployed from the ISS

Not only that, but we even got long sequences of images to be able to watch the satellites be deployed in detail! You can notice the antenna flap opening up upon exiting the deployer, and the doves etched onto the long radio antenna (the blue and white popsicle-shaped piece).

Deployment GIF

Deploying in front of the ISS’s solar panels:

Deployment GIF

Good journey, little Doves!