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Free Light: Planet Gallery Images Now Licensed as Creative Commons


A little over a week ago, we launched an early look at some of the imagery that our Dove satellites are streaming down to Earth every day. Since then, we’ve been adding images that showcase our mission to continually image the whole world. From drought to fire, and excavation to development, we have been taken aback by how quickly our planet changes.

However, capturing new views of Earth is only the first step. From the beginning we’ve known that the greatest impact of this data can only be realized through broad access. To help us on our path toward the goal of bringing the shifting scenes of the planet to all of its inhabitants, we’re taking the step of licensing the satellite images on our gallery page under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We want you to freely share, use, and remix these images to express yourselves, develop useful tools, and draw new insights.

Our imaginations have been rapt by the torrent of imagery rushing in daily, and nothing would delight us more than to know how our images are meaningful to you. As you use these images, we ask that you take a moment to share your story with us at

We’ve only just begun, and with the clarity that the Creative Commons license grants us, we hope to empower you to join in the discovery that awaits.