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Understand our Planet, #LoveEarth


Astronauts often talk about the “Overview Effect”— a realization that we’re all living together on a small, fragile “pale blue dot”.

At Planet we look at imagery from space everyday. It’s hard not to experience this effect as we watch mines deepen, cities flourish, and rivers change course from above. That’s why we started— a non-profit affiliated with Planet Labs, designed to use space, earth imagery, and technology to better understand our dynamic planet; advance humanitarian causes; and ensure the sustainability and welfare of life on Earth.

The first major initiative is the #LoveEarth campaign and Facebook page for planet Earth. It’s a go-to destination for anyone who wants to understand, appreciate, and take greater ownership over our changing planet.

We partnered with leading data design studio Vizzuality to create this real-time global map of #LoveEarth Instagram posts and Facebook likes. To represent the overwhelming response we’ve seen in just the first few weeks of the campaign, they worked closely with CartoDB and their Torque library to build this high performance visualization.

carto final
See who loves Earth in real-time. We partnered with CartoDB and Vizzuality to create this real-time, global map of #LoveEarth Instagram posts and Facebook likes.

The Earth Facebook page launched in preparation for the COP21 in Paris. This week, Planet Labs CEO, Will Marshall, sat down with special advisor to UN Secretary-General Robert C. Orr at the Caring for Climate Business Forum to discuss how new technologies and data can help the global community solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Landsat 8 images of the Paris metropolitan area show seasonal change over the course of one year

The Facebook page for Earth seeks to escalate the climate change dialogue from passionate communities that know it well to a public forum ready for a new perspective of Earth. We encourage everyone to better understand our changing planet. Learn about the planet, join the cause, and #LoveEarth.