AUTHOR PROFILE Tony Campitelli
Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

A Changing Planet: Meet Our New Brand




Something’s changed.

We’re very good at building satellites. Over the last three years we’ve built a lot of them—almost 200. And our manufacturing team is on track to build more than 100 Doves this year. But satellites are just the start of what we do. We’ve spent the last five years building a world-class, automated data pipeline and online platform that lets people all over the planet access satellite imagery.

And with BlackBridge now part of the Planet Labs family, we’ve entered a new chapter. Today, I’m pleased show you the next iteration of Planet Labs:



Yep, we are just “Planet”.

Simple and to the point. Our new name comes with a new, more comprehensive identity. We’re still building satellites, still inventing, still researching and testing in the lab, but now we have data and the software to power insights, and inform smart decisions. With Planet data at your fingertips, people from across the planet can see change happen, but more importantly—help change the world.

Over the next year, you are going to see more exciting releases from Planet. We can’t wait to share those with you, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves—for now you can experience our new identity at