Manhatten, July 15, 2016

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Monitoring Mass Flowering Events from Space


Image above: White flowering tree crowns spot the dense green forest in Lambir Hills National Park in Borneo, Malaysia on May 5, 2019. © 2019, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. In the dense tropical forests of Southeast Asia, scientists are monitoring the phenomenon of “general flowering” which is the synchronous mass […]

Using PlanetScope to Map Snowmelt In Alpine Ecosystems


Image above: PlanetScope image of snowcapped Upper Gunnison Mountains, Colorado taken December 4, 2021. © 2021, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Alpine regions are some of the most sensitive systems to climate change. In the mountainous ecosystems of the western United States, for example, even small changes in temperature cause significant […]

Capturing Illegal Sand Mining in PlanetScope Imagery


Illegal sand mining is running rampant in the world due to the need for river sand as a binder in making concrete. Desert sand isn’t suitable for this purpose due to its shape. This illegal activity had led to the deaths of journalists, farmers, miners, and more, as well as causing ecological […]