AUTHOR PROFILE Erika Reinhardt
Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

A New Scenes Explorer


Today we’re excited to share a redesigned Scenes Explorer with you. We’ve heard your feedback (keep it coming!), and found that we had a core pieces of the app to rethink.

New Workflow

We now require that you start your search with a geographic region. Once you specify a polygon or point, you’ll be able to filter all of our scenes by their acquisition date and other metadata parameters in the browser.

Scenes Explorer Area Selection

Geography and Time

The two main dimensions on which users want to filter data are geography and time, so these filters are now highlighted on the page at all times, while the more specific metadata filters are still available. This includes an interactive time slider, which shows data time distribution of available data.

Scenes Explorer Time Slider

Scene Previews

You can also now preview multiple (currently up to 10) scenes on the map.

Scene Explorer Scene Previews

Scene Metadata and Sorting

The scenes list is now configurable to show whichever metadata fields you’re most interested, plus you can sort the scenes by any of those fields, to help surface the data you want.

Scenes Explorer Sorting

All of these changes help the Scenes Explorer accommodate large amounts of data, and pave the way to supporting other datasets as well.

More to come soon! In the meantime, please keep sharing your feedback with us, we’re eager to continue iterating on all of our experiences to make them easier to use, and better fit your workflows.