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Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

An Insider’s Look: The Space Data Chain


I have a unique job in the aerospace industry. As a “Spaceship Captain” (my actual job title!), I operate a fleet of over 60 orbiting satellites, designed and built in-house. These satellites capture and downlink millions of images of our planet every day. Captaining a fleet this large—especially with a team as […]

Good Deploy! Eight More Doves in Orbit


It’s been an exciting few days for me and my fellow Spaceship Captains here at Planet Labs. Eight of our Dove satellites deployed from the International Space Station yesterday (May 17, 2016). Astronaut Jeff Williams captured these incredible photographs of two Doves during deployment:

The Deployment We've Been Waiting For


image courtesy of NASA This week, twelve of our Doves were deployed from the Kibo Experimental Module of the ISS. Ten of our Flock 1b Doves and two Flock 1d’ Doves are now traveling at 8km per second 400km above Earth. An astronaut from ISS Mission 42 captured stunning, hi-res photos of […]

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