Chin Lakes, Alberta Jun 06, 2015

3 Launches, 31 Days - Soyuz up next!

On the heels of two successful launches, we’re wrapping up 2018 with another launch of 12 Dove satellites, our Flock 3k, on a Soyuz rocket. The launch is currently scheduled for December 27, 2018 from Vostochny Cosmodrome and the Doves…...

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Planet and Google Partner for Machine Learning Meets Space Panel

Last week, we partnered with Google to bring together technology experts to explore the next wave of insights and applications being built upon geospatial datasets. Moderator Marshall Burke lead the conversation joined by Fei Xue, Machine Learning Specialist at Google;…



Flock 3s and 2 SkySats successfully Launch on Falcon 9 SSO-A

Two SkySat satellites and three latest-generation Dove satellites (Flock 3s) were successfully launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base on December 3rd. Planet was the lead payload on Spaceflight’s SSO-A launch, otherwise known as the…



Top Takeaways from the Satellite Interoperability Workshop

About a month ago, more than 100 leaders from the geospatial industry, government, and NGOs gathered at the USGS Menlo Park campus to discuss one of the biggest questions facing the Earth observation field: is the data from different satellites…


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Mercury 13 Women Honored on Recent Batch of Dove Satellites

Planet is a strong supporter of women in the space industry. We teamed up with Rocket Lab to create a mission patch honoring the first woman astronaut, Valentina Tereshkova; every year we send amazing women Planeteers to the Grace Hopper conference; and we strive to uphold diversity at all levels of the […]



16 More Doves Successfully Launch on ISRO’s PSLV C-43 Rocket

Last night, ISRO’s PSLV C-43 rocket successfully lofted 16 Dove satellites – Flock 3r – into space. The satellites have been successfully deployed and we’ve started the automated commissioning process while the Doves get adjusted to their new home 500 kilometers above Earth’s surface. All 16 Doves were deployed into a Sun Synchronous […]



A New Launch Pad for Planet

We have come a long way from the garage in Cupertino, CA which housed our first office and satellite manufacturing lab. From that humble beginning, our team has grown to over 400 employees worldwide, and our days of sitting two-to-a-desk and storing our bikes on conference room walls are well behind us. […]



Planet Powers a New Chapter in Global Coral Conservation with the Launch of Allen Coral Atlas

In June, we announced a groundbreaking partnership with Paul G. Allen Philanthropies and a consortium of renowned coral conservation and remote-sensing scientists from the Carnegie Institution for Science, University of Queensland, and the University of Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology to map the entirety of the world’s shallow-water coral reefs in unprecedented […]



Two SkySat Satellites, Three Doves, and a Record-Breaking Launch on Spaceflight’s SSO-A

Planet is gearing up to send seven satellites into orbit this November as part of SSO-A: SmallSat Express, a fully dedicated rideshare mission on the SpaceX Falcon 9, procured by Spaceflight Industries. Of the 70 spacecraft onboard, Planet will send up two SkySat satellites, three latest-generation Dove satellites (Flock 3s), and two […]


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