Chin Lakes, Alberta Jun 06, 2015

How AMAGGI Uses Planet Data to Take Sustainable Agriculture to the Next Level

You can also read this blog in Portuguese and in Spanish. Sustainable production requires measures such as reducing the use of pesticides. Each decision about how to maximize sustainable production requires a level of insight that can be difficult to…...

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Planet and NGIS Enable Emergency Services Preparation Ahead of Australia’s Fire Season

We have globally seen a record breaking fire season in 2023, and from Canada to California, Planet data has been leveraged to monitor and prepare for these fires, helping protect civilians and conserve natural resources. Over the years, our data…



Satellite Data on the Go: Planet and the onX suite of apps Enable Your Outdoor Adventures

Across the United States, outdoor enthusiasts are packing their backpacks, lacing up their shoes, and filling their water bottles for long, nature-filled weekends. As summer moves into fall, they are trading in their baseball caps for their wool flannel shirts,…



onX’s “Recent Imagery” Product Named on TIME’s List of Best Inventions of 2023

Planet would like to congratulate our customer onX for being named on TIME’s list of the Best Inventions of 2023, which features 200 extraordinary innovations changing our lives. onX’s Recent Imagery product, leveraging Planet data, won for the Outdoors category.…


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The NICFI Satellite Data Program: Celebrating Three Years of Using Space to Help Reduce & Reverse Tropical Forest Loss

By Seamus Lombardo, Luisa Teixeira, Tara O’Shea Every quarter, we publish a blog post that highlights some of the amazing work of the NICFI Satellite Data Program’s community of users. This October, we are pleased to not only continue this tradition, but also celebrate three years of this program and contract, a […]



Building Bridges to Sustainability at Planet On The Road 2023

All eyes were on the Asia-Pacific region as Planet gathered the Earth observation community from key global industries with leading experts, research innovators, and industry disruptors from all parts of the world in Planet On The Road 2023. It reminded me of building bridges across rivers to create connections, just as we […]



R&D with Scientific Excellence: Stories from Planet’s EO Lab

When building our products and services here at Planet, we stay committed to both innovation and scientific excellence. Our company’s dedication to advancing scientific knowledge can be seen in the creation of Planet’s Earth Observation Lab (EO Lab), a dedicated team of Planeteers with the mission to support early stage product and […]



Understanding the Unseen: Art of the Possible Storytellers Illuminate Narratives From the Ground

The Art of the Possible storytelling challenge began with the end in our minds. That is, to bring impactful change into communities, one Earth image at a time. We received 38 research proposals across the Asia-Pacific and Japan region, each with a unique perspective and different sets of challenges from various industries, […]



Planet Data Leveraged to Understand Agricultural Land and Quickly-changing Environments

We are excited to share the power of Planet satellite imagery with Amazon SageMaker’s geospatial capabilities. Our partnership has the potential to revolutionize agriculture and sustainability insights by combining geospatial data with machine learning and cloud architecture.  In this blog, the application of a crop segmentation model on top of Planet high-frequency […]


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