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Ensuring Sustainable Urban Development and Protecting Biodiversity with the Government of New South Wales


Earlier this year, the Australian government of New South Wales (NSW) designated $100 million towards housing development and biodiversity protection. This allocation is set to enhance the existing programs run by the government of NSW, such the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan. This 35-year plan aims to enable needed housing development in Western […]

Planet Insights Platform Transforms Agricultural Data Management


Each year the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) pays over £2 billion in support of rural farming communities, aiming to ensure a thriving farming and food sector across England. As part of their mission, RPA provides financial payments to farmers, traders, and landowners to help advance the transition towards a sustainable economy.  In […]

Planet and Bayer Partner to Shape the Future of Farming with Resilient Supply Chains and Enhanced Product Development


Agricultural supply chains are facing growing climate and economic disruptions, but we can create a more secure and sustainable world by speeding R&D cycles and optimizing seed supply. Partnerships are critical to meeting the challenges successfully, and by marrying the right data with industry expertise we can shape the future of global […]

The Nature Conservancy and Planet Collaborate to Map Blue Carbon


Making Waves with Blue Carbon  Trace your finger across a globe, around the edges of islands and continents, and soon enough, you’ll brush against some of the world’s most important ecosystems – the marshes, mangroves, and seagrasses that constitute the world’s “coastal blue carbon” stocks. Beyond their role in storing carbon, these […]