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The Nature Conservancy and Planet Collaborate to Map Blue Carbon


Making Waves with Blue Carbon  Trace your finger across a globe, around the edges of islands and continents, and soon enough, you’ll brush against some of the world’s most important ecosystems – the marshes, mangroves, and seagrasses that constitute the world’s “coastal blue carbon” stocks. Beyond their role in storing carbon, these […]

Planet’s Rapid SkySat Data Enables Effective Regional Bushfire Management in Australia


Civil governments around the world are making sustainable strides in local environmental management; and by using satellite-enabled data, they are able to analyze and support preventative management techniques to protect local communities and ecosystems. For example, Forest Fire Management Victoria, a governmental organization located in Victoria, Australia, leverages high-resolution tasking capabilities from […]

Powered by Planet Data, The Allen Coral Atlas Completes Its Mission to Comprehensively Map All of the World’s Coral Reefs from Space


Today marks a major milestone for global ocean science, management and biodiversity conservation. Utilizing more than two million Planet images, ground data collected from around the world, and advanced machine learning techniques, our partners at the Allen Coral Atlas, housed at Arizona State University, have now completed the first-ever, high-resolution spatial and […]

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