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20 Doves to Launch on CRS OA-6 Mission


Twenty Dove satellites are currently packed away in their Nanoracks deployers on board the Cygnus spacecraft and awaiting launch. We’re calling these Doves “Flock 2e Prime” as a continuation of the “Flock 2e” series that was launched in a similar manner to the International Space Station in December on the OA-4 mission. […]

Flock 2e Launches Successfully On Atlas V – Cygnus OA-4


We have liftoff! After three days of weather delays and false pancake starts, Team Planet finally watched the fourth attempt and successful launch of twelve Flock 2e Doves aboard the Cygnus spacecraft. Since the company’s founding in 2010, a total of 113 Dove satellites have successfully reached orbit on six different launch […]

UPDATE: 12 Doves to Hitch a Ride to Space Station Aboard Atlas V


UPDATE: The launch of Flock 2e has been delayed due to weather. The next attempt will be at 5:33 pm eastern on Friday, December 4. In Cape Canaveral, Florida, twelve of our Dove satellites are packed in the Cygnus spacecraft ready for launch. We’re calling these Doves “Flock 2e”. The Cygnus sits […]

We Call Them Doves


In the aerospace industry, satellites are typically referred to as “birds”. From the ground, it looks like they are flying across the sky as they travel along their orbits. There’s also a tendency in the aerospace industry to think of these satellites as birds of prey; satellite missions like FalconSat and Kestrel Eye bring […]

Deployment of Flock 1b Commences


On August 19 the first 2 satellites from Flock 1b were successfully deployed from the International Space Station (ISS). This event kicked off the deployment campaign for the full constellation of 28 satellites. How did these satellites get there and what happens in between launch and deployment? We’ll take you through the steps in this […]