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Bulk Downloads


We just released new “bulk downloads” functionality in the Scenes Explorer that makes it easier to download many image products at once. Previously, it was only possible to download one scene at a time through links on the scene cards.

old download links

With this update, you’ll find a new “add to cart” button on the scene card. The badge on the cart icon shows the number of scenes that have been added to a cart.

add to cart

In the cart view, you can review the scenes that you’ve added, remove any that you don’t want, and click “place order” when you’re ready.

place order

On your account page, you’ll find a list of your orders showing their status. When an order is ready, you’ll have an option to download it from there. You’ll also receive an email confirmation with a link to this orders page. Orders are archived as a single ZIP file including all image products, metadata files, and a summary readme file.

We hope that you find this new functionality an easier way to download large batches of imagery. Let us know what you think!