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Planet Labs Partners With Canadian Remote Sensing Giant, C-CORE


We’ve struck a multi-year agreement with C-CORE, the research and development company that’s home to Canada’s highest concentration of remote sensing expertise. C-CORE’s team uses existing Earth observation technology to monitor things like mine and well sites, pipelines, ice environments, intrusion and integrity monitoring of infrastructure, and climate change impacts. We aim to develop products and services with the C-CORE team using our unique satellite imagery data.

Planet Labs image of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, captured on November 14, 2014.

The innovative team at C-CORE works with customers across enterprise energy, security, transportation, and sustainability sectors. With our high-frequency, wide-area data set, the C-CORE team can monitor our changing planet at micro and macro levels. We can’t wait to discover a wide array of meaningful, new data applications with the help of C-CORE’s unmatched expertise.

Dr. Charles Randell, C-CORE’s President and Chief Executive Officer, writes: “We are thrilled to have access to this data. Planet Labs’ high-density constellation of optical satellites will image our world at a scale previously unavailable. This daily, high-resolution imaging enables C-CORE to provide an unprecedented level of service. Our remote sensing team is modifying our data analysis and interpretation services and developing new applications that take full advantage of this capability. As Planet Labs increases the size of their constellation, we are finding new ways to use the data to monitor events and changes here on Earth.”

Early partnerships like this are crucial to Planet Labs’ growth; we’re excited to work with this expert team and discover new data applications in the process.

More about C-CORE:
C-CORE is a Canadian ISO 9001-registered research and development (R&D) corporation that creates value in the private and public sectors by undertaking applied research and development, generating knowledge, developing technology solutions and driving innovation. With unparalleled harsh-environment expertise, C-CORE has world-leading technical capability in Remote Sensing, Ice Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.