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SAINS to Map Southeast Asia With Planet Labs Data


As I’ve browsed the Planet Labs imagery pipeline over the last year, many of the most striking images I’ve found were of Southeast Asia. It’s truly awe-inspiring to get a glimpse of the region’s natural beauty— and its dynamic urban growth— from Low Earth Orbit. Here at Planet Labs, I lead our […]

Planet and GPC Group Team Up to Map the UAE


I’m thrilled to announce our first customer in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region: the Geographic Planning Collaborative (GPC). The GPC Group’s MENA operations are based in Abu Dhabi, and they will distribute Planet Labs data to their many government, environmental, and commercial customers throughout the region. As our first […]

We’re Partnering with ProGea Consulting to Map Poland


A Planet Labs image of the construction of Poland’s Amber Highway, captured on October 19, 2014. When completed, it will link the Baltic coast of Poland to the Czech Republic. We’re excited to welcome another key geospatial player to our growing customer base: ProGea Consulting. ProGea will integrate our high frequency, wide-area […]

Planet Labs Partners with Geo-Satellite Leader, SNET


When the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami struck Eastern Japan in 2011, Satellite Network (SNET)’s communications network was used as an emergency means of communication by government offices and public service operators. We’re proud to have signed a multi-year deal with SNET, who will use our imagery data to enhance their geospatial capabilities […]

Planet Labs Partners With Canadian Remote Sensing Giant, C-CORE


We’ve struck a multi-year agreement with C-CORE, the research and development company that’s home to Canada’s highest concentration of remote sensing expertise. C-CORE’s team uses existing Earth observation technology to monitor things like mine and well sites, pipelines, ice environments, intrusion and integrity monitoring of infrastructure, and climate change impacts. We aim […]