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New Scene Email Notifications


Building off of our existing saved workspaces feature, we’re excited to now also offer daily e-mail notifications of new data being published to your workspaces. When we publish new scenes that match the criteria defined by your workspace—including acquisition time, geography, and image quality—you’ll get an e-mail letting you know, with the number of scenes we published in the past 24 hours, and a link to take you directly to the Scenes Explorer where the new scenes are highlighted.

To turn this feature on, enable notifications for your workspace:


When you receive an email, you can follow the link to open the Scenes Explorer with the newly-published data highlighted. You are able to toggle the view to only see the new scenes.


By clearing notifications, you will not be shown new data notifications in other Scenes Explorer searches and workspaces. But if you keep them on, you can continue to see where there’s recent data.