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GeoJSON support! Defining areas of interest with your own data.


Many of our users already have their own vector data to define areas of interest. You can now upload GeoJSON files—a lightweight format for representing geographical features—up to 1 MB in size, via Planet’s APIs and Web Applications.

Users can upload GeoJSON files through the Scenes Explorer Web Application:

This feature is based upon the capabilities exposed by our public API. For users who want to use the API directly, you can read more specific API documentation about AOIs here.

API users can conveniently use the id of a previously uploaded shape to query the Scenes API with the aoi query parameter:

curl -u ‘<api_key>:’ 

Next we plan to add support in the API and Web Applications for other popular data formats, including shapefiles and KMLs, and to increase the file size limit. If you have any feedback or run into any issues, please submit them here.