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Geoplex and Planet Labs Partner to Supply Australia and New Zealand with Satellite Imagery


These are exciting times at Planet Labs: Already this week we’ve launched our first user-testing program called Planet Explorers and today we’re announcing a partnership with mapping and geographic specialists Geoplex.

Geoplex and Planet Labs are exploring product applications for clients in Australia and New Zealand to develop crucial and up-to-date tools needed for disasters and business. “We are currently building tools on top of Planet Labs’ API, and experimenting with different applications for this data across a range of industries. As Planet Labs continues to increase their spatial and temporal coverage, we are adapting our product offering. It’s an exciting space to be in,” said Adam Smith, CEO of Geoplex.

Geoplex will work with clients in these regions to leverage Planet Labs’ satellite imagery in markets including emergency management, agriculture and forestry. Daily imagery provides information for reactive response in disaster relief by enabling immediate visibility of changes in a disaster area. Farhad Vladi, Chairman for MapAction, a customer of Geoplex, explains: “Accurate satellite data can sometimes mean the difference between life and death when coordinating emergency relief operations out in the field. By creating a clearer and more up-to-date picture of the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disaster areas, Planet Labs allows organizations such as MapAction to respond effectively, and ultimately ensure that aid can be delivered quickly to the people who need it most.”

Planet Labs is excited to be working with Geoplex team and can’t wait to see how they put our imagery data to use.

About Geoplex
Geoplex are specialists in mapping and geographic information systems. At Geoplex we strive for everyone to experience mapping the way we do: as a dynamic and creative problem solving tool. Thinking spatially not only makes complex information easy to understand, it gives businesses and organizations the power to solve problems and create a competitive advantage. At Geoplex, maps are our natural language.