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More data to more people…faster: RapidEye data in Scenes Explorer


It’s a big day for us here at Planet. After months of hard work, we are pleased to offer historical RapidEye imagery to customers and partners through the Planet Scenes Explorer web application. In 2016 we will make the entire RapidEye archive accessible dating back to 2009.

An image of Berlin, Germany, captured by a RapidEye satellite

Authorized platform users can now explore their areas of interest using three unique imagery datasets: Planetscope, RapidEye and & Landsat 8. To get started, simply:

1) Select an area of interest
2) Open the filter panel
3) You’ll notice a new section listing RapidEye, in addition to PlanetScope and Landsat.

Take a look at our RapidEye data in action in the Scenes Explorer:


RapidEye imagery displayed in the Scenes Explorer is limited to Zoom Level 12 or approx. 38 m / pixel (according to OpenStreetMap standards). You can add images to your cart and download them to view and explore imagery at higher resolutions. Try it out here:

We’re thrilled to release this incredible data set to Scenes Explorer, and are excited to see the novel applications that our user ecosystem develops.