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New API Fields: Published, Updated


One of the challenges some of our users have had is in requesting the most recently published data, in the cases of both scenes and mosaic quads. Users often run into this when trying to maintain a database with a record for every scene or mosaic quad object. We’ve made some changes to make this easier.

Every scene now has a field called “published,” which is the timestamp of when that scene was first exposed in the API. The ortho scenes list endpoint is filterable with this field, and the standard comparators. You can also see a tutorial on how to use this field here.

Every mosaic quad now has a field called “updated,” which is the timestamp of when the GeoTIFF information of that quad was last updated. This can either be the first time that the particular quad was ever generated, or the last time it was updated from an incremental mosaic run. The mosaic quads endpoints are filterable with this field and the standard comparators.

Some other recent mosaics API property additions:

scene_type — The Scene Type of the scenes used to create this mosaic (“ortho” and “landsat”)

geometry — The geographic region of scenes used to create this mosaic