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Open California RapidEye Imagery


With the recent Open California data release, available under an open, CC BY-SA 4.0 license, you can now access the RapidEye California imagery archive—in addition to recent PlanetScope imagery—easily through the Planet API. Building on our recent acquisition of Blackbridge, we’re excited to bring this dataset into the Planet Platform, and making it as web- and developer-accessible as possible.

This release, and the opening of the RapidEye California data archive, is designed to spur innovation and novel data science and geospatial applications.

Open California Rapideye imagery is currently accessible through our API. Here’s a closer look at the data specs:

  • Dataset includes: RapidEye imagery and metadata from October 2013 onward
  • Tile size: 25 km x 25 km
  • Resolution: 6.5m ground sampling distance, resampled and provided at 5m per pixel
  • Spectral bands: 5 bands — red, green, blue, red edge, and near-infrared (NIR)
  • Format: 12-bit data served in a 16-bit GeoTIFF

RapidEye imagery is available as scene type rapideye, and more specific API documentation can be found here.

You can query the Planet API and fetch RapidEye analytic scenes and thumbnails of scenes for California, like the one below:

RapidEye California thumbnail

We’re excited to mark this acquisition by bringing RapidEye California imagery to you on the web. We’re busy adding the rest of the 6-year RapidEye archive into our pipeline. You can access additional RapidEye imagery in the Planet platform shortly. If you’d like access to the larger archive immediately, visit

Keep an eye on on for new product updates, and let us know how you’re using our data!