Manhatten, July 15, 2016

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Nation-wide Carbon Stock Map Created with SkySat


Image above: SkySat image of the Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda taken September 23, 2022. © 2022, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Using Planet’s SkySat data, a team of researchers have generated a novel approach to mapping the nation-wide tree-level carbon stock of Rwanda, and this model can be used for […]

Using Planet Imagery for Mapping Arctic Landscape Change from Permafrost Thaw


Permafrost is defined as ground that remains below freezing for multiple years in a row. This frozen ground is hard as concrete. However, rising temperatures from climate change are leading to thawing of this permafrost, impacting local ecosystems and infrastructure. Thaw also results in the release of significant amounts of methane into […]