San Francisco, October 22, 2015

Tagged by: Hydrology

Bigger, Faster Avalanches, Triggered by Climate Change


In 2016, two glaciers in Tibet sheered down to their bed, erupting into avalanches. The first disaster killed nine people. A major study, published in Nature Geosciences, examined Planet imagery in the months leading up to the avalanches, and their aftermath. The work was subsequently featured in the The New York Times: “‘…it […]

Tracking Dynamic Changes in Northern Surface Waters


Using the Yukon Flats in Alaska as the test study area, Sarah Cooley and colleagues evaluated the potential scientific utility of the Planet Dove constellation for hydrologic modeling and research. The study concluded that Planet imagery can improve mapping and tracking changing inundation extent of hundreds of small, heterogeneous water bodies in […]

Insights into Vegetation Dynamics and Terrestrial Evaporation


Planet’s constellation of satellites, with daily revisit rates and sub 5 m resolution, provides the ability to overcome the usual spatiotemporal restrictions associated with traditional remote sensing. Matt McCabe and team explore the suitability of Planet imagery for an array of retrieval opportunities pertinent to hydrology, including leaf area index (LAI) and […]

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