Durban, July 7, 2016

Tagged by: Landslides

Mapping Landslide Susceptibility in Dove Imagery after the 2018 Tomakomai Earthquake


Globally, landslides kill ~5,000 people per year. If landslides—including rock falls, mudslides and other surface failures—can be better predicted, these deaths could be avoided. Landslides are highly heterogeneous, both spatially and temporally. They are more common in the steep, mountainous regions of the Earth, but also more frequent during particular seasons due […]

Convolutional Neural Networks used to Detect Landslides in RapidEye Imagery


Landslides pose a major threat to people and property throughout the world, and particularly in landslide-prone regions. Improving our ability to monitor those landslides can improve mitigation, and may ultimately reveal approaches that could predict certain types of landslides in the future. Omid Ghorbanzadeh, from the University of Salzburg, and his team […]

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