Boulder, July 13, 2016

Education and Research Community Blog Posts

Planet, Paul G. Allen Philanthropies, & Leading Scientists Team Up to Map & Monitor World’s Corals in Unprecedented Detail


Coral reefs are among the most important, most diverse, and most beautiful ecosystems on the planet – and, in an age of climate change, they are in a period of unprecedented crisis. Warming seas are causing bleaching events on a scale never before seen; of the 109 countries in which coral reefs […]

Introducing Planet Publications


In April, 2017, Planet launched its Education and Research Program, which enables scientists and researchers at universities to apply for non-commercial access to up to 10,000 km2 of data per month. In less than a year, more than 1,400 scientists and researchers across more than 70 countries have come onboard, leveraging Planet’s […]

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