AUTHOR PROFILE Robbie Schingler
Robbie Schingler is Planet's Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

On the Role of Government in the Space Renaissance


Satellites orbiting up in space, whether publicly or privately funded, play a critical role in our everyday lives. GPS satellites power enterprise and public logistics, along with consumer mapping apps; communication satellites form the backbone of our modern telecom grid; and remote sensing satellites power environmental research, defense and intelligence communities, and humanitarian response efforts. Without this critical space infrastructure, modern life would come to a stand-still.


As Planet and other players in the Space Renaissance build advanced, risk tolerant space systems, it’s great to be validated by government engagement and public support from lawmakers. Representative Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland recently published an op-ed about the important role of new space systems in the United States. He writes:

Already, commercial satellite companies have provided imagery to track port traffic and disaster effects – helping improve business and economic efficiency. They can also be used to track the growth of critical agriculture products and help experts predict surpluses and shortfalls. Just consider that opportunity. Being able to view images and know if there is likely to be a shortage of grains or soy. We are not far off.

Read the entire op-ed here.