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Robbie Schingler

Robbie Schingler is Planet's Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, and Managing Director of Planet EU.

On the Role of Government in the Space Renaissance


Satellites orbiting up in space, whether publicly or privately funded, play a critical role in our everyday lives. GPS satellites power enterprise and public logistics, along with consumer mapping apps; communication satellites form the backbone of our modern telecom grid; and remote sensing satellites power environmental research, defense and intelligence communities, and […]

Planet Joins the White House to Discuss the Space Renaissance


Understanding the cosmos, becoming a multi-planetary species, and increasing sustainable living here on Earth. These are all huge challenges with potential global impacts that have inspired generations of entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, and builders to join the space community. Today, I joined many in the space community, as well as President Obama, in […]

Doves Hitch Ride with SpaceX


On October 28, Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket failed on its way to the International Space Station (ISS). This was a difficult event and our condolences went out to all those affected. That said, since the failure, the response by those affected has been nothing short of amazing: Orbital Sciences stated that they […]