SkySat image of tulip fields near Hillegom, the Netherlands, April 10, 2024. © 2024 Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved.
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Matt is a product expert that leverages over a decade of geospatial experience to create content that illustrates the value of Planet Insights Platform.

Agile EO Webinar: Introduction to APIs on Planet Insights Platform


Easily integrate Earth observation (EO) into your data science, application development, and GIS workflows with powerful Planet APIs — watch our webinar to learn more.

Agile EO is a monthly webinar series that keeps you in the know on Planet’s latest product releases and product roadmap updates. We share the latest developments on Planet Insights Platform, as we apply the same agile mindset to our software development as we do to aerospace and satellite development. Each month you’ll get the what, why, and how behind a recent product release in an informative, digestible 30-minutes or less session.

In this episode, we look into the recently launched Planet Insights Platform. The platform includes capabilities from Sentinel Hub, now owned by Planet, which enable you to process, analyze, and stream EO data to generate useful insights. Here is what we cover:

  • An overview of Planet Insights Platform and introduction to new APIs

  • Details on how you can test out and get started with the platform 

  • A demonstration of the Planet and Sentinel Hub Python SDKs

Watch now — or read on to learn a little bit more about theses topics.

New Capabilities on Planet Insights Platform

First, you’ll see an overview of Planet Insights Platform — the central place where daily Earth data, analytics, and powerful tools combine to create insights. Beyond just Planet data, you can access publicly available datasets as well as your own datasets stored in your cloud. You can efficiently manage and explore data on the platform — and integrate it into your existing workflows. Whether you need streaming OGC web services for a GIS, APIs to integrate into web applications, or cloud-processing to scale data science workflows, you can use Planet Insights Platform.

Getting Started With Planet Insights Platform

We also look at how you can get started with Planet Insights Platform. If you are already a Planet user, you have access to these new capabilities through your existing Planet account. Planet users have complimentary access to Sentinel Hub for six months with a limited number of Processing Units. Processing Units are a unit of measurement that represents usage of the platform. We’ll discuss how Processing Units relate to new platform capabilities.

Once you set up your trial, you can explore sandbox data for all of Planet’s data layers. Sandbox data is pre-loaded into Sentinel Hub so that you can immediately see how to use the platform. With sandbox data, you can test and experience a substantial amount of Planet data samples made available under a CC-BY-NC license to all active Planet and Sentinel Hub users with a paid subscription.

If you’re not already a Planet customer, you can still watch the webinar to learn about the platform capabilities and powerful applications of our APIs. Or, you can get up to speed on our platform offerings or get in touch with our team to learn how Planet Insights Platform can empower you to take action and make change happen.

Catch a Demonstration

And when you are ready to use the platform yourself, you can order your Planet data and deliver it to Sentinel Hub. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use these new capabilities with the Planet and Sentinel Hub Python SDKs. With the Python SDKs, you’ll see how Planet Insights Platform can fit into your workflows whether you’re building a data pipeline for EO data or doing analysis in Python.

In the demonstration, you will learn how to use Planet data with the Sentinel Hub APIs to: 

  • Search for data with the Catalog API

  • Visualize imagery with the Process API

  • Analyze imagery with the Statistics API

Watch Now!

In just 30 minutes you can learn about all of this and more! Watch now and feel free to share with your colleagues who might find this valuable.

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