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Tanager-1 Is Ready for Launch: Planet’s First Hyperspectral Satellite


We are proud to announce today that our first hyperspectral satellite, Tanager-1—made possible by the Carbon Mapper Coalition and its philanthropic partners—is ready for launch. The spacecraft arrived at Vandenberg Space Force Base on June 3rd in preparation for liftoff as early as July on board the Transporter-11 Rideshare mission with SpaceX. […]

The Nature Tech Alliance: Planet, ERM, Salesforce, and NatureMetrics Launch Initiative to Measure Biodiversity and Report on Impact


We are proud to announce the formation of the Nature Tech Alliance, a new initiative poised to help companies tackle urgent biodiversity challenges. Planet, ERM, Salesforce, and NatureMetrics are pioneering this global alliance to transform how global corporations measure and manage their impact.  The Nature Tech Alliance, formed at the World Economic […]

Transforming forest monitoring through innovation: FAO and the NICFI Satellite Data Program


The NICFI Satellite Data Program provides comprehensive access to Planet’s high-resolution satellite monitoring to help reduce and reverse tropical forest loss. This program has enabled successful forest monitoring and conservation across the world’s tropical forests. Today, we are highlighting the powerful work from our NICFI data users at the UN FAO from their […]

Satellite Data For Transparency in Global Conflict: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on Russia’s War Against Ukraine


On February 24th, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, commencing the dramatic escalation of the war and the largest attack on any European country since World War II. Over the last two years, Planet customers, ranging from analysts, researchers, and NGOs have leveraged our robust and accessible satellite dataset in […]

2023 in Images


This year each of our satellites wrapped the Earth nearly 6,000 times to the silent soundtrack of outer space. Their journey was smooth. The content of the data they collected was not. They passed over ridges and valleys, storms and blue skies, celebrations and conflict. They witnessed daunting outcomes as climate change […]