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Robert Simmon

Robert Simmon is a senior data visualization engineer at Planet. He's interested in views of Earth from space and communication through visualization, and is also the creator of the 2002 Blue Marble.

Planet’s Latest Batch of SuperDoves Deliver First Light


On January 24, 2021, SpaceX successfully delivered 48 Planet SuperDoves to orbit on their Transporter-1 flight. This record-breaking launch deployed 143 satellites into orbit — the most ever on a single mission. Once in orbit, our SuperDoves set out to break some records of their own. Just 58 hours from launch, Planet’s […]

How Satellite Imagery Can Help Predict Volcanic Eruptions


Recently, the Ubinas volcano erupted in Peru, leading to the evacuation of thousands due to explosions and ash. And earlier this month, the Stromboli eruption killed one hiker and caused vegetation to catch fire. Both instances are a sobering reminder that volcanic activity can wreak havoc on surrounding areas. But while it’s […]

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